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We provide a range of pharmacy services catered towards patient outcomes including but not limited to health screenings, medication checks, dosing aid packing and deliveries to our local area.

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COVID-19 Information

Dear Kidman Park Pharmacy customers,

We have all found ourselves in a very uncertain time following the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that our clients and their families remain safe and healthy while we wait to see how the next few weeks unfold. We now have extensive measures in place to protect our clients, our staff and the general public. Please understand that these changes are necessary for us to remain open and continue to help you for as long as possible.

Visiting our pharmacy:

  • Pharmacies are busy places where people used to mingle and congregate. To minimise the risk, we have opened the outer doors to both the pharmacy and the About Sleep Clinic, so that the two sides do not interact. We have closed the central door for the time being.

  • Outside each shop is several chairs to sit on if you are in need of a chair, while you wait to be served. Once you drop your script in to us, you can wait inside.

  • We recommend that you leave your scripts with us, so you can phone ahead and we will get them ready for you.

  • We can do free deliveries to all our patients if required, or bring the items out to your car. Payment can be by paywave, eftpos or direct debit. Cash is still accepted too.


Do you need to come into the pharmacy?

  • If you need to talk to a pharmacist, call us and we can often help on the phone. The number is 8356 8601 and we have 3 lines, but usually only two pharmacists. The pharmacists are very busy at the moment, if it can wait, then please wait until next week when the rush will have died down.

  • Fluvax are unavailable at the moment, but we can take your name and number if you would like to be on our list.

  • Our experienced staff can often troubleshoot many problems over the phone. Please give us a call rather than dropping in if you have a problem.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time. We will endeavour to keep you updated if or when further changes are required. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us so that we can discuss how we can help you in the best and safest way possible.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Gilbert and the staff at Kidman Park Pharmacy